Happy Mothers


One day a foreign woman, on her visit to DPR Korea, looked around the nursery and kindergarten of a factory and burst out her emotion as follows: It is really surprising that a factory has its own nursery and kindergarten. In my country, it is extremely difficult for working mothers to keep their jobs. It takes so much money for them to put their children under the care of nurseries that they cannot work as they want and they are afraid of giving birth to children. But DPR Korea pays special attention to building nurseries at factories and takes the responsibility for them. Where else can we find such happy mothers in the world? I am very envious of the Korean women.

All female innovators, the number of whom increases with each passing day, are unanimous in saying: Apart from our factory nursery, it is inconceivable for me to have the honour of being an innovator.

The Korean women enjoy worthwhile life as they live under the gracious socialist system which regards the care of children as the most important matter.

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