Talent and Hope of Prodigies Blooming in Socialist Society


Our children and schoolchildren fully develop their talents under the great system which puts the policies for the rising generations before anything el ...

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Staff Members of Cuban Embassy Visits Pyongyang Foreign Languages School Affiliated to Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies


On September 9, on the occasion of the Month of Solidarity with Cuban People, the staff members of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba accredited to DPR ...

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International Charity Creation Festival ‘Children to Children – 2023’


In May, the International Charity Creation Festival “Children to Children – 2023” was held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Hundreds of paintings created by chil ...

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Patriotism Reflected in National Flag


The faces of children of Changgwang Kindergarten, who have drawn the national flag sincerely with their small hands, overflow with happiness. They are t ...

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Respect for Mentors – Man’s Due Moral Obligation


People live with memories of different things. In the long journey of life, they have many unforgettable dear faces. But the dearest faces all people re ...

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