The National Sports Competition of orphanage students-2019

January 7, 2020

A few months ago the National Sports Competition of orphanage students was splendidly taken place in Pyongyang Orphan’s primary and middle school which were magnificently built under the love of our party for the children and future.

This sporting event has annually been done from a few years ago under the great love of the party to bring up all orphans as talented pillar of the country who are knowledgeable, virtuous and healthy.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, always busy with national affairs, visited Pyongyang Orphanage and said that we should grow all orphans well as famous scientists, athletes, artistes, soldiers and even heroes while blessing them.

That’s why the features of orphans with bright and cheerful smile on their faces can’t be seen unintentionally.

Orphans appeared on the stadium were all lively and high-hearted. The energetic features of orphans displaying their sports skills to their hearts’ content trained through various sporting activities were enough to draw the attention of the surrounding people.

Among them there were orphans lost their parents with flood damage and some others who took part in the 66th celebration of the foundation of Korean Children’s Union and had their glorious souvenir photos taken transmitted through the generations.

If they were born in the capitalist countries where money is everything and the law of the jungle governs, they would have been frozen to death and died a gradual death.

However, they are honored as happy children in the great family of our socialism upholding Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as our father and are dreaming their bright future to flutter the national flag on the sky of the world.

Under the warm love of the Supreme Leader all the orphans will surely become the famous athletes and proudly flutter our blue and red national flag to the world.

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