Matter of Deep Concern


In November several years ago, General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Children’s Foodstuff Factory which had turned into a model factory for modernization of our own style.

That day he looked round the factory and paid deep attention to a problem related to the factory’s regular production.

He earnestly said: If the children are continuously fed with nutritious foodstuff, their laughter will resound more loudly and the people will become optimistic about the victory of socialism from the happy laughter of the children.  The officials and employees of the factory should produce more foodstuff for children and thus protect our children’s laughter.

Looking up to benevolent Secretary General Kim Jong Un, the officials were overwhelmed by surging emotion.

When he had visited the factory a year ago, he had said that nothing was more important than the production of children’s foodstuff in spite of all difficulties, and that he would never allow any concession for the production of foodstuff for children.

Indeed, his meaningful teaching reflected the world of ardent affection with which he spares nothing for happiness of the rising generations and carried his boundless expectation for all officials and working people to fulfil their duty in defending the future of the country and bringing it into full bloom.

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