Retraining System Established on the Spot


A few years ago, General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited Pyongyang Teachers Training College.
The official gave a detailed explanation to him on the fact that more than 10 modern educational techniques were introduced to the educational methods of multi-functional classrooms.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un carefully listened to the official’s explanation and said that they should give good education to students.

Then, he unexpectedly asked if the in-service teachers of primary schools didn’t know the modern education techniques.
The official hesitated as he didn’t know how to answer.
She thought only about giving education to the students of the college, and was not concerned about the teachers now active at primary schools.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un said that Pyongyang Teachers Training College and other modern teachers training colleges should set up a system for re-educating in-service teachers, and that all the excellent educational systems like a retraining system and a distance education system should be operated to steadily improve their qualifications in future.
The retraining system established by him on the spot was the manifestation of high ideal and firm will of the greatest man who wanted to kindle the flame of bringing about a radical turn in education in the new century.

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