Talent and Hope of Prodigies Blooming in Socialist Society


Our children and schoolchildren fully develop their talents under the great system which puts the policies for the rising generations before anything else and the advantageous policy of attaching primary importance to education.

They recently raised another sensation at the 33rd International Children and Juvenile Art Festival held in Khabarovsk of Russia.

At this festival, attended by more than 1,000 children from Russia, China, Mongolia and other countries, the music prodigies from Kyongsang Kindergarten fully demonstrated their talents.

Pak Ye Un, who took part in the music contest of the festival, was awarded the best prize for his highly skillful piano solo. And Ri Ta Jong, who played the sohaegum solo “Pleasant Dance Music”, took the first prize in the national musical instrument sector by fully displaying soft tone color and peculiar playing technique.

Pak Ye Un and Ri Ta Jong played at the beginning and end of the festival, decorating the performance brilliantly.

Ho Ye Ryong and Pak Cha Jin took second and third place in the piano event of the–7~10 age category of the music contest and Ri Ye Gwon and Pak Sin Yong who skillfully played the national instruments were highly appreciated.

Meanwhile, Han Ho Song, Kim Yu Gyong and Kim Won Bin, members of the art groups of Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace and Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace who took part in the art contest of the festival, presented works depicting the beautiful appearance of the country with diverse techniques and unique ideas, thus giving deep impression to the audience.

The bright and cheerful looks of talented children who had been trained under the advantageous educational system evoked great response from the jury, audience and personages of various circles.

The sponsor of the 33rd International Children and Juvenile Art Festival said that he was greatly moved to see the excellent artistic skills of the Korean children, adding that the talent of the Korean children who received good education was fully recognized by the participants in the festival.

The jury and audience praised the Korean children for making a great contribution to decorating the festival stage beautifully. In particular, they praised that the children who had played the piano and national instruments in the music contest were the youngest of the participants in the festival, but their performance techniques and skills were the best among the contesters in the same category.

They said they had already known about the advantageous educational system of Korea and the outstanding talents of Korean children but they were so pleased to have a chance to see them with their eyes, and they expressed thanks to the Korean children for taking part in the festival, saying that they were the only ones who received the great applause and admiration from the audience.

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