Meaningful Souvenir Photograph


One day in February, Juche 106(2017) General Secretary Kim Jong Un inspected various equipment newly developed by the scientists and technicians of the State Academy of Sciences.

After learning in detail about the technical specifications of the new equipment, he highly praised the scientists and technicians who had made the equipment essential for the people and service personnel’s living, which were better than those of other countries in all aspects.

Actually, he had indicated the research seed and sent necessary scientific and technological data to guide them step by step.

But he appreciated the scientists and technicians for their achievements so highly that they could not hold back their emotion.

After pleasantly looking round the equipment again, he said with confidence that the equipment on display should be installed in a single unit and operated on an experimental basis. And he continued that it would also be good for education of people, adding that if people benefited from it, they would have pride and self-confidence in our own things.

It was a precious creation which implanted in the people’s hearts the pride and self-confidence in our own things. That’s why he was so pleased and had a photo taken with the scientists.

The photo is now showing all of us that it is a genuine way of contributing to building a prosperous country to make better things with our own efforts and technology.

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