Importance Attached to Science as a National Customs


One day in October Juche108 (2019), General Secretary Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to a farm.

That day he met the officials of the farm and highly appreciated that they had made excellent and amusing agricultural sci-tech achievements every year and awaited him. He was particularly pleased to see a new variety of dry-field rice.

Science and technology is the key and powerful weapon that makes it possible to build an economic power despite all trials and difficulties. So, he highly valued the fact that the farm attached primary importance to science and technology and expressed his great satisfaction over the success it had made.

Then, he told the officials that they should have a correct view of carrying out their tasks by dint of science and technology in the age of knowledge-based economy, and that the view of the knowledge-based economy is that they should carry out their tasks by their own efforts, relying on science and technology.

He continued that we should thoroughly establish the viewpoint and fighting spirit of overcoming all difficulties by dint of science and technology in all sectors of the country and thus make it national customs to attach importance to science.

His teaching reflected profound intention to attach importance to science and make rapid progress by relying on modern science and technology in all parts of the country.

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