Development Trend of Modern Education Technology


Today when fierce world competition goes on in science and technology, education geared to training a greater number of capable talents goes through fresh change along with further development of modern education technology.

Modern education technology applicable to education implies the total sum of material tools and means, experiences and functions used in the process of education.

What is noteworthy in the recent development trend of modern education technology is, first of all, the wide use of multimedia as teaching aids.

Multimedia are advantageous as it can powerfully support the instruction of teachers and the self-study of students.

According to the study by psychologists, a person can generally remember 10% of what he or she has read, 20% of he or she has heard and 30% of what he or she has seen with his or her own eyes.

But it is said that he or she can remember up to 50% audio-visually.

It shows that use of multimedia for teaching is far more effective than the traditional teaching process.

Multimedia technology can be applied directly to teaching process through multimedia teaching system, but it can also be widely used for education as e-books

Next, education through computer networks is rapidly promoted. Education through computer networks is not affected by time and space.

In such environment work and study are integrated completely so that every person can freely work and study at any time and at any place through computer networks. Students can have an access to the best teacher for guidance and use different kinds of study resources through computer networks. Accordingly, teaching system through computer networks is widely studied.

In addition, intensive study is dedicated to application of artificial intelligence to education.

On the other hand, virtual reality technology and augmented reality system are widely used.

At present, the common application of virtual reality to education is desk-form and the scope of its application gets wider and wider with each passing day.

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