Lest There Were Any Single Slight Flaw


One day in October, Juche 103 (2014) General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited Yonphung Scientists’ Rest Home before its opening.

Unfolded before the eyes of the officials who accompanied him there was the picturesque rest home set up under his boundless affection for our scientists and technicians.

The splendid service and other buildings of the rest home soar up in the thick woods with the unique outside corridors stretching far and wide.

On that significant day he gave important teachings while looking around the different places of the rest home.

It was when he was walking along a corridor that he saw some officials taking pictures of the fascinating view of the rest home.

He motioned to them to move away from there immediately.

For a moment they were bewildered, and presently they looked down.

They were so concentrated on taking pictures that they did not know they were standing on the turf.

They deeply understood how much General Secretary Kim Jong Un cared, lest even a slight damage were done to the beautiful landscape of the rest home for scientists

They were overwhelmingly moved by the boundlessly lofty affection of General Secretary

Kim Jong Un, who wants to provide our scientists with the best things without any slight flaw.

As seen above, every nook and corner of Yonphung Scientists’ Rest Home is permeated with the paternal affection of the benevolent leader for our scientists.

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