Story about Plantain Lily


Hero Anju Technical Senior Middle School in Anju City, which has produced 20 heroes, is widely known to the whole country as the Plantain Lily School.

There is an emotional story about the plantain lily cultivated by its teaching staff and students.

One day in May, scores of years ago, the teachers and students of Anju Middle School No.1 (the then name of the school) came to Pyongyang to learn after the experience gained by Pyongyang Middle School No. 1 in education and activities of the Children’s Union.

That day they had the honor of meeting Chairman Kim Jong Il.

He highly appreciated the children of Anju who had waged the juvenile guerrilla struggle during the Fatherland Liberation War and done laudable deeds in the first period of the post-war rehabilitation, thus giving great pleasure to President Kim Il Sung.

After a while he presented a flower pot of plantain lily with the signpost bearing his august name stuck to it to the representatives from Anju who could not repress their unwillingness to part with him.

On returning back to the school with the flowerpot of plantain lily presented to them by Chairman Kim Jong Il, they put it in the cleanest and coziest room and began to cultivate it with utmost care.

Thanks to the sincere devotion of the teaching staff and students of the school, the plantain lily got fresher and more beautiful day by day.

They made a firm determination to cultivate a greater number of plantain lily as part of developing their school to be a model of the country, an excellent school which produces more heroes.

The school has grown up the significant plantain lily with sincerity and sent them to Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il lie in state and to the schools associated with the leadership exploits of the peerlessly great persons.

Now many establishments from all parts of the country come to the school with the plan to grow plantain lily.

Pure is their sincerity devoted to the cultivation of meaningful plantain lily for scores of years.

Thanks to the lofty sincerity of the teaching staff and students of the school who yearn for

Chairman Kim Jong Il, the plantain lily will come into fuller and fuller bloom with the passage of time.

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