Training of Future Writers


Pak Un Gyong, head of the Mother Tongue Department of Kaesong Senior Middle School in Moranbong District, has devoted her pure conscience and efforts to bringing the literary genius of her students into full bloom since she began teaching after graduation from Kim Chol Ju University of Education.

During her teaching career of loyalty in which she has followed only the road indicated by the Workers’ Party of Korea without an inch’s deviation, she became the October 10 Model Teacher with more than 30 New Teaching Method Registration Certificates and Experimental Devices & Teaching Aids Development Certificates, participated in the 14th National Meeting of Teachers and had the honor of having a picture taken with General Secretary Kim Jong Un, and was admitted to the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Pak Un Gyong, possessed of persevering spirit of devotion and practical ability, always says: It is not at all an easy job to train future writers, but I will follow this road to the end of my life, keeping the pledge made at the meeting of teachers.

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