Graceful National Manner of Salutation


Manners of salutation play an important part in ensuring harmony and unity of a collective.

All people love and respect those who salute their seniors first and reply their juniors’ salute in any situation.

It takes less than a second to salute, but from it we can understand his/her personality.

In other words, manners of salutation constitute a mirror that reflects people’s personality.

Chairman Kim Jong Il once said that a leading officials should keep his/her neck short in the front and long in the rear.

If a leading official salutes others first and replies their salute courteously with a kind look on his/her face, people call them a person of noble character.

Leading officials should always humble down themselves before the people and treat them modestly, cherishing deep in their hearts the great personality of

General Secretary Kim Jong Un who bows down deep to common workers on his way of field guidance.

It is important to keep the noble and excellent Korean manners of salutation.

Bowing down is a manner of salutation unique to the Korean nation.

There are different manners of salutation in the world, for example, shaking hands regardless of seniority, but none of them is superior to the Korean way of bowing which is moral, cultured and hygienic.

The Korean manner of bowing includes bowing on knees and bowing in standing, which are subdivided into deep bow, half bow and slight bow.

This shows that the manner of bowing differs according where and to whom one salutes.

For example, when one meets a friend in a street, he/she bows slightly, but when one meets an elderly person, he/she respectfully bows deep.

Since the time immemorial, the Korean nation has had different manners of speaking for seniors, peers and juniors.

In particular, there are definite manners of speaking and behavior for introduction, first meeting and visit to a sick person or a disaster-stricken family.

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