International Charity Creation Festival ‘Children to Children – 2023’


In May, the International Charity Creation Festival “Children to Children – 2023” was held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Hundreds of paintings created by children from several countries, including DPRK, were on display.

Every piece of paintings drawn by the children from DPRK who made their debut at this festival attracted public attention.

Different personages, including those from the municipality of Krasnoyarsk and the artists’ union voiced their admiration as follows:

“They are excellent. The works of Korean children are characterized by softness and precision. They are very expressive of inner world of children full of passion and imagination. Even adult painters will find it difficult to produce such a work.”

“I’ve seen the sketch drawings by Korean children for the first time.

I admire their ability to show on a piece of drawing the life emotions which can only be expressed verbally. The little painters’ works are no more different than those of professionals, which gives us a visual explanation about their drawings.”

“I am carried away by indescribable feeling, enjoying their drawings full of love for their homeland. These works of art touch our heartstrings. Each drawing is unique with clear theme and strong faith.

I think educators in the DPRK must be doing a good job in teaching talented children.”

“Enjoying the works of art on display, I am unexpectedly shocked by something that I haven’t experienced before. We need to study the method of teaching fine arts in the DPRK and learn from it.”

“In the past, the DPRK photo and art exhibition held in Krasnoyarsk showed us fine works of adult painters. This time it is very impressive to see the drawings of little painters on display. I hope our cooperation further improves.”

The mayor of Krasnoyarsk said that he was glad to see the DPRK participants in the festival and thanked the DPRK’s efforts for the development of bilateral relations.

He also noted that this festival was a significant opportunity to develop cultural ties and strengthen friendship between Russia and DPRK.

He hoped that children of the two countries would become true friends to help each other and contribute to developing the bilateral relations of friendship.

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