Respect for Mentors – Man’s Due Moral Obligation


People live with memories of different things.

In the long journey of life, they have many unforgettable dear faces.

But the dearest faces all people remember are those of their teachers.

Whenever people call “My teacher”, some are reminded of the teacher along with the way they took with their friends to school, and some others remember the teacher along with the red tie of Children’s Union flying on their chest.

To the mind of some others comes the image of the teacher who would take them on his or her back across the neck of rapids, and still others remember the teacher’s eyes wet with anxiety when he or she strictly scolded them for their mistakes.

Unforgettable are the teachers who served as root to flourish their students’ hope, taught knowledge and implanted patriotism with paternal affection. Therefore, people say that those who do not feel shame in front of their teachers are the ones who have performed due duty for the country.

Affection of teachers for their students does not end after their graduation.

Teachers are unchangeable educators who teach and leads their students after their graduation.

How can we forget such teachers who devote their all for their students?

A young graduate of Kim Chaek University of Technology visited his alma mater after getting the doctorate degree, and explained why he came to the university.

“I have come to inform my teachers that I have received the doctorate degree. My new scientific invention is associated with the selfless devotion of my class teacher and other teachers.”

His visit reflects the make of people, the virtue and sentiment of the people of our times, who remember their teachers as they make a longer journey and get greater honour.

It is an expression of noble sentiment to always remember one’s teacher and share memories and feelings with him or her.

If one does not love his or her teacher who implanted patriotism, gave valuable knowledge and nurtured noble virtues, he or she is no longer a human being.

None of such people has become a faithful revolutionary, has made distinguished service and has proved successful in life and work.

As there is a saying that a man respects his teacher for the whole life for having taught him a letter, respect for teachers is a man’s noble moral obligation.

Anyone who experienced the school life in which he studied to his heart’s content with beautiful hope and dream for future respect and love his teacher who trained and led him to staunchly make a long journey of revolution following the Party.

The song “Our Teacher” favoured by our people fully reflects the love and respect for teachers.

With the passage of time we have more and more memories

But unforgettable is our former teacher

He brought us up

To become genuine sons and daughters of the benevolent Party

O – our teacher


Indeed, the image of the teacher is the one to be cherished deep in mind by all. Therefore, memory of a teacher is the most valuable and beautiful one in life.

One day Chairman Kim Jong Il earnestly said: The leading officials should be exemplary in loving their alma maters and respecting their former teachers. In this respect, the feature film “The way to distinguished feats” is a very good film. How wonderful is the scene in which the general of the People’s Army and other former students who have become heroes call on their teacher and salute him! The leading officials should possess the trait of remembering their alma maters and teachers, whatever high positions they take.

In our society there are now many people who invariably keep moral obligation for their former teachers in spite of the passage of time.

It is a due obligation of people to visit their former teachers first on happy days, and to call on them on holidays and their birthdays to congratulate them.

All heroes who enjoy immortal life along with the country and all patriots who are remembered by the people were, without exception, the genuine human beings who kept moral obligation for their former teachers.

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