Opening Ceremony of Korean Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities


On April there was the opening ceremony of Korean Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities.

Present in the ceremony were the officials of Korean Federation for the Care of the Handicapped, the children of the school, the nursery school and kindergarten teachers, the doctors of the school and the parents.

The participants first presented a floral basket and bowed to the picture of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il smiling brightly among children.

At the opening ceremony the speakers noted that a great success had been made in rehabilitation, nursing and education of handicapped children under the benevolence of the maternal Workers’ Party of Korea, which takes warm care of all children throughout the country, and stressed that enjoying the benefits of the Korean-style socialist system handicapped children would grow sturdily and merrily in future, too, bringing their dreams and talents into brilliant reality.

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