The 1st Round of Camping Starts at All Children’s Camps


The schoolchildren’s camps in different parts of the country started the 1st round of camping on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, the most auspicious national holiday.

The camps had made full preparation so that campers could build up their bodies and acquire broad knowledge of different fields through mountaineering, sports, art, cooking and other activities.

On May 15 there was the opening ceremony of the 1st round of camping at Songdowon International Children’s Camp located on the picturesque coast of the East Sea of Korea.

The participants in the ceremony presented a floral basket and bowed to the bronze statues of President

Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il set up in the premise of the camp.

The reporter and speakers said that Songdowon International Children’s Camp was a palace of affection associated closely with the immortal leadership exploits of the preceding great leaders and General Secretary Kim Jong Un who have taken warmest care of children, regarding them as kings of the country.

They stressed that through different forms of camping activities the campers should fully prepare themselves to be revolutionary talents who love their socialist motherland ardently and are possessed of rich knowledge of different fields, high creative ability and strong physique.

On the same day Mangyongdae, Yonphungho and other children’s camps in different parts of the country started the camping of school children.

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