From January 14 to 16, Juche 112(2023) the International Internet Programming Competition was held amidst great expectation and interest of computer experts and amateurs from different countries of the world.

All 19 students from DPR Korea who participated in the competition won the championship, displaying the dignified DPRK National Flag on the internet.

Our students solved all the problems with confidence in the International Internet Programming Competition, which was attended by over 10 000 programming experts and amateurs from more than 50 countries and regions.

This internet programming competition, which is held on a regular basis, drew special attention as it would decide the first winners f the year.

The young students of DPR Korea, who had practised programming day and night with a firm determination to display the dignity and prestige of DPR Korea, fully demonstrated their patriotism, fervent enthusiasm and high ability at the very outset of the New Year, Juche 112(2023).

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