New Medical Books of National Value Written


“The Encyclopedia of Signs and Symptoms”, “The Manual of Signs and Symptoms” and “The Book of Pain” (Book 1 and 2) written by Dr Han Gye Yong, MS, the associate professor and the head of the Internal Diagnostics Department, Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences are arousing profound interest among doctors.

“The Encyclopedia of Signs and Symptoms” has been written as a comprehensive book with professional knowledge on analysis and measures for about 950 signs and symptoms that can be encountered in medical practice. These contents are edited in “The Manual of Signs and Symptoms” for the users’ convenience.

“The Books of Pain”(Book 1 and 2) have been written to contribute to the people’s happy lives free from all kinds of diseases and pains.

These books which reflect the tendencies of education in medical science across the world and have the value of national assets will greatly help not only public health workers and medical students, but also readers in general.

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