Noble Love for Posterities Brings Happiness in February

February 28, 2021

Happy laughter of children reverberated over the whole country in February, adding elation to the jubilant mood on the auspicious Day of the Shining Star, the greatest national holiday.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who spares nothing for the happiness of beloved posterities, sent gifts to all kindergarteners and primary schoolers in celebration of the February holiday.

Every nook and corner of the country overflew with the happiness of children who had received colorful gifts permeated with his paternal care.

Happy laughter of children resounded in all families across the country ranging from Pyongyang, the capital, to remote mountainous areas, rural villages near the demarcation line and islets on the East and West Seas of Korea.

Looking at the children delighted to have received confectionary and wonderful school-things, including Haebaragi-branded pencils and erasers of different kinds, crayons and watercolor paints of various colors, their parents were moved to tears with the boundless feeling of gratitude to the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards the rising generation as valuable treasure of the country, the mainstay of hope and future.

Listening to the merry song “We are the happiest in the world” sung by blessed children, all kindergarten and school teachers expressed their unquenchable emotion that the bosom of Marshal Kim Jong Un is, indeed, the benevolent cradle for all children in the country as he warmly embraces all of them and takes utmost care of them.

The resonant sound of children’s laughter and singing adding joy and optimism to the country in celebration of the meaningful Day of the Shining Star open wide the window into the brighter and more promising future of the country as it has the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as the father of one big socialist family.

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