Kim Roe Song won the Prize of ‘Excellent Eloquence’ in the 18th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students


Kim Roe Song(Male, aged 21), 5th year student of the Chinese Faculty of Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies, together with his teacher Jang Chung Il(Male, 35 years old) of Department No.1 of the Chinese Faculty of the same university participated in the 18th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students held in Changsha, Hunan, PRC where 157 students from 122 countries contested from July 22 to August 23,2019 displaying his high level of proficiency in Chinese, thus winning the 2nd  Prize and the Prize of ‘Excellent Eloquence’ and adding glory to the motherland.

This intense competition was held for one month in 4 stages. Kim Roe Song fully displayed his high proficiency in Chinese in all the stages, thus receiving unsparing compliments from more than 150 peer competitors and the judges. As a result, he won the 2nd Prize and has been given the Prize of “Excellent Eloquence” which is only given to the best student with the highest Chinese proficiency.

In Particular, when asked about the secret behind his high proficiency in Chinese and his future dreams in the 3rd stage of the competition, Kim Roe Song said “I studied Chinese in the university without any worries and free of charge under the love of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. There are not only me but many other students who are very good at Chinese in the DPRK. It is my ideal to become a respectable diplomat who better flourishes the friendly relationship between the DPRK and the People’s Republic of China which is being further improved day by day with 5 summit meetings of the 2 leaders in less than a year.” Thus he aroused much appraisal from the journalists and audience for the noble spirit of the students from the DPRK.

The teacher Jang Chung Il was very responsible in guiding Kim Roe Song through every stage and greatly contributed to achieving high score.

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